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Freight Forwarding Services

TAL guarantees the delivery of your freight by air, lake, river, ocean, road and rail to any location in Africa.

Supply Chain Management

Right from need analysis and identification to planning, sourcing, inventory storage, production, physical distribution of finished goods,

Human Resource Assets

Our Driver-Matching service provides truck owners and truck drivers with access to the largest on-line driver recruiting site and job board in Africa.

Small Pickups and Deliveries

This service is designed for light or small parcels and packages to be delivered both locally and across borders within Africa.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

We value shipments categorised as dangerous goods by ensuring that we handle them with extra care, detail, and attention.

Oversize Bulk Cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo that cannot fit inside standardised containers or carrier spaces and transport modes is done

Routing and Tracking

Routing and Tracking services aim at achieving a level of visibility that allows you to see the physical location of your shipment


We offer construction services through partnerships with well-established medium and large sized construction and project management companies operating Africa

Personal Storage

Personal Storage

Temporary and Permanent storage facilities are designed with provisions for large and small sizes to meet your self-storage expectations.  

Garage Services

Our garage services are designed to ensure that you optimise the full life of your vehicle owned as a personal asset for private or commercial use.

Rent a car

TAL Spare-Car

Make extra money from that extra parked that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Car Park & Storage

Your car is likely one of the most valuable and functional things that you own, and sometimes you need a safe place to keep it in your absence

Pre-purchase Car Inspection

Purchasing a used vehicle can be risky. When excited buyers get emotionally caught up in the vehicle purchase, they often miss mechanical



We help people and businesses move their goods from one place to another.

Online Data Services

Online Data Services

Get paid for completing online surveys. Download the MyTAL App on your smart phone, tablet or desktop.